September 5, 2020

Government, civil servants’ salary negotiations in disarray

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Taku Chihambakwe

Salary negotiations between Government and civil servants in Zimbabwe are in disarray after the

Apex Council’s term of office expired.

The Apex Council represents all civil servants in the country and the present one’s term expired.

Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Professor Paul Mavima says talks will begin on

September 9.

“On that one, I am just emphasising that both sides be realistic in their approach to things. We are

seeing stability in the monetary sector as well as some price stability for some commodities. Because

of that, we believe this sets up a fairly good platform for negotiations.”

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary-General Raymond Majongwe accused the

outgoing council leaders of not serving the interests of civil servants.

He said: “The tenure of the current Civil Service Apex Council expired. These guys are not supposed

to be there. They are failing to represent the interests of workers well.

“Normally, when people get into negotiations from a compromised position, they will fail to fully

carry out their mandate.”

But, incumbent Apex Council chairperson Cecilia Alexander maintains she will attend the meeting


“We wait to see the outcome of the meeting first then we will deal with the rest later. I cannot leave

the post vacant ahead of the negotiations even though our tenure has expired.”

She added: “We have agreed with the unions that for now we continue and then deal with the

matter later.”

The civil servants are demanding an equivalent of their October 2018 forex salaries.

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