September 26, 2020

Gvt pays cost of living adjustment

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ZTN Correspondent

Government will pay its employees a cost of living adjustment while salary negotiations continue, the Public Service Commission has said.

The figure for the cost of living adjustment is yet to be made public, but is meant to assist public workers who have school going children.

Schools in Zimbabwe are opening on Monday after a six month Covid-19 induced break.

“In the spirit of understanding between Government and its employees, Government will proceed to pay, in addition to regular emoluments paid out earlier this week, what is available while NJNC negotiations continue”, announced Secretary to the Public Service Commission, Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe.

The two parties have been locked in salary negotiations for several months.

Last week, government tabled a 40 percent increment which was flatly rejected by civil servants who want at least US$480 or the equivalent in Zimbabwe dollars.

In a related development, nurses have reportedly agreed to return to work as negotiations continue, although Zimbabwe Nurses Association president, Enock Dongo refused to shed light on the issue maintaining that it was a private matter.

“We have agreed that our negotiations be private so we will not share anything with the media,” he said.

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