February 16, 2022

Harare Motorists Cry Foul Over Parking Fees

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ZTN Reporter
Some motorists in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, are now forced to park on the fringes of the Central Business District, due to what they feel are exorbitant parking fees.

Parking in the CBD for an hour costs $120 Zimbabwe dollars or $1 United States dollar. This translates to about 20 000 Zimbabwe dollars or $100 United States dollars a month for a motorist who works in the CBD.

Motorists who have run away from this cost and are now parking on the outskirts of the CBD, claim that some city parking officers are following them there, demanding payment.

City Parking spokesperson Francis Mandaza responded to some of the issues raised by motorists. He said, “The enforcement area for Harare Municipal parking is the greater Harare. In terms of traffic enforcement, they have no limit. If you park where you are not supposed to park even as far as Machipisa, they have the right to tow you.”

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