December 18, 2019

Harare parking fees shoot up

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By Ndaka Majaka

Harare city council’s parking management subsidiary, City Parking, has hiked parking lot fees by over 200 percent.

The new fees take effect on January 1, 2020.

Unreserved parking in parkades will now cost ZWL$500 up from ZWL$150 while motorists will now be required to fork out ZW$600 up from ZW$200 for reserved parking.

City parking’s spokesperson Francis Mandaza justified the increase. 

“The review has been necessitated by increased employment and operational costs prevailing in the inflationary environment that we are trading in,” he said.

This hike comes after Harare City Council recently hiked charges for clamping and towing of vehicles by a staggering 1 000 percent.

Motorists in the capital now pay ZWL$500 in wheel-clamping fees for light vehicles, up from ZWL$40.

Tow-away fees have been raised from ZWL$60 to ZWL$700.

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