October 26, 2021

Harare Residents Face Eviction Over Rates

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Melody Madzika

A total of 277 residents of Harare’s Glen Norah and Highfield suburbs are facing eviction from their houses for failing to pay rentals, rates and other service delivery charges to the Harare City Council.

The affected residents are tenants in council owned properties.
City of Harare spokesperson Michael Chideme told ZTN news that the residents owe the city treasury close to ZW $82,8 million.

“Those people are staying in Harare City Council properties of which they are failing to remit their bills and other service delivery charges in the process owing us a debt amounting to ZW $82,8 Million,” said Chideme.

“We have since issued those affected residents with eviction notices. However, we can still accommodate their grievances if they proffer a payment plan”.

Chideme said Council will be left with no option other than eviction if the affected tenants do not
pay their bills.

He said the City Council needs the money to finance service delivery.

Residents are saying that the houses they live in have not been serviced. They say they do not understand why they have to pay large sums of money for the small rooms they are staying in that have not been serviced. Some residents are former workers who say council is still owing them their pension and if they are evicted they will not have anywhere to go.

“We are now waiting for them to come and evict us, we have nowhere to go. I am supposed to be getting money from council. I am their ex worker but they are treating me like a nobody,” one female resident said.

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