October 22, 2020

Harare runs dry as council shuts water treatment plant

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ZTN Reporter

The City of Harare has been forced to shut down its main water treatment plant, Morton Jaffray Waterworks, after running out of water treatment chemicals.

In a statement, the local authority said production at Morton Jaffray will stop at 6pm on Thursday.

“There will be reduced production during the day up to 6pm and total loss of production for a projected 16 hours commencing 1800hrs today,” read part of the statement.

Piped water supplies can only be restored after 10am on Friday, at the earliest.

Council said it has run out of aluminium sulphate, the major chemical used in purification, after it’s supplier Zimphos encountered challenges in procuring raw material to manufacture the chemical.

Zimphos, council said, are expected to receive the raw material (bauxite) today (Thursday) and resume production immediately.

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