August 18, 2021

Have Hararians turned into vandals?

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ZTN Correspondent

When one drives through the streets of Harare, dysfunctional streets or traffic lights are a common sight despite ‘efforts’ by city fathers to service them.

Although authorities are on record talking about lack of resources for repairs, some of the challenges are caused by Harare dwellers themselves through vandalism.

A few days ago the city council erected a cage to protect a fountain which was recently repaired along first street.

The fountain had become a permanent residence to a lady who claimed she had nowhere to go.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said; “We are witnessing an increase in vandalism of public infrastructure like water fountains. Here at the town house our fountain is no longer functional because it was vandalized.”

The fountain, which is located at corner first and George Silundika streets had become an eyesore.

Following its restoration, the city fathers believe residence will be responsible.

“We have put in place some security measures at the fountain along first street and we shall continue to do so on a lot of infrastructure in the city because we are losing public investment to vandalism,” he said.

He added that traffic lights are being vandalized on a daily basis.

“Road infrastructure is also not spared. For instance, the palisade fencing along Julius Nyerere is being vandalized.

“So we just want to urge citizens to preserve the infrastructure. It is there to serve your interests.”

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