May 20, 2024

Cambridge Award for Zimbabwean whiz kid

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Zimbabwean whiz kid, Tashinga Muzanenhamo, has made history by becoming the world’s seventh-best A Level English Language student.
In 2021, Tashinga made headlines by scoring nine As in the Cambridge 2021 O Level exams. This year she was at it again with five As in the Cambridge 2023 A Level results.
She scored As in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Language, with A+ in Biology and English Language.
Her English Language result was only bettered by six learners worldwide.
Tashinga’s school, Arundel School in Harare, communicated the good news from Cambridge to the teenager.
Arundel said there will be an award ceremony on June 13 in Harare where Tashinga will be given a certificate from Cambridge.
Tashinga sat for the O Level exams at 14, and last year she sat for the A Level exams at 16, younger than most of her peers, but still managed to defy the odds.
Her exploits in science subjects come at a time when the Government has been challenging learners to take up studies in science-related courses like actuarial, engineering and medicine, among others.

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