November 19, 2019

How much was Mugabe worth?

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How much was Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe worth?

Perhaps, millions or even billions.

Well the world will not wonder for much longer as his estate is set to be formally registered in coming weeks.

The Mugabe family is set to register the estate on December 5 at 9 am, according to a notice in the government gazette.

Notice is hereby given that the estate of the under-mentioned deceased persons, minors or persons whose whereabouts are unknown, are unrepresented and that the next of kin, creditors or other persons concerned are required to attend on the dates and at the times and places specified, for the selection of an executor, tutor or curator dative, as the case may be.

Meetings in Harare will be held before the Master, in Bulawayo before the Assistant Master; and elsewhere before the District Administrator, reads the notice

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