March 4, 2021

How Nyauchi has become the Chevrons’ ‘Honda Fit’.

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The stump mics picked Skandar Raza calling seamer Victor Nyauchi “Mufakose Honda Fit’, during Afghanistan’s innings.

But to many Byauchi is simply ‘Vicky Jojo or Jola’.

To captain Sean Williams, he is a ‘special player who brings a lot’ to the team.

But what is not in doubt is that Nyauchi has won many hearts through his bowling skills as well as passion on the field.

He delivered a devastating opening spell of five overs, one maiden, 14 runs and three wickets that left Afghanistan reeling in their innings.

 Zimbabwe went on to clinch the match and Nyauchi got to taste his first Test win in his fledgling career of four matches.

I caught up with the 28-year-old seamer for this week’s edition of my column.

And below are excerpts of my interview with the man from Mutare.

BZ: What an inspired spell you bowled during Afghanistan’s second innings! What fired you up?

VN: I knew if we took early wickets they were going to be under pressure so I had to back myself and attack them and it came out nicely and as well backing the effort that our skipper had done.

BZ: And when you got into that rhythm did you at some point thought “This could be my first fiver”?

 VN: Yeah, I thought about it, but unfortunately everyone was bowling well and making it easy for each other so it had to be team work at the end of the day.

BZ: I will give you a quote of what Sean Williams said about you after the win.

“That guy is something special for us.

“He has come from a difficult place; I think he had performed for three or four seasons without getting a look at the national side. When he did he took his opportunity….

“He brings tonnes of sacrificial mind-set and that work ethic.

He is a workhorse and has good skill…” How do you respond to this statement from the skipper?

VN: I just thank God for all the blessings and giving this opportunity and to thank the skipper for believing in me. It’s something special to me and I will keep doing my best to win games for him and the country.

BZ: How was the feeling of getting your first Test Win?

VN: It feels great really loved it and to win it in 2 days was something special making history but it has to be controlled in some way because we have another game soon so we gat stay focused and win the series.

BZ: You are popularly known as Jojo….can you tell us the history of that nickname “Vicky Jojo”?

VN: It came from the reality show called ‘Runs House Simmons family’, (I) used to watch that a lot then some friend just named us Jojo and Diggy, my little brother nickname because of that show.

BZ: And we picked new names from the stump mics Raza calling you “let’s go Mufombi”

Others saying Honda Fit.

VN: (Laughs) yeah I am from Mufakose so we had a debate looking for Honda fit in Abu Dhabi since we only seeing expensive car only so Raza shouted in the bus “you think we in Mufakose here we you Honda fit lol” everyone laughed about that’s when they started calling Mufakose Honda fit and as well they it’s a statement being used to motivate is like ‘hande ghetto yute tirikungwavha’ (let’s go Ghetto Youth we are hustling). I am enjoying the moment.

BZ: Speaking of the ghetto i am told people from your hood were super proud of your performance? You seem to come from a supportive neighbourhood. Is that so.

VN: Of course they love the performance. I am a people’s person. I normally support people’s dreams and as well I play local football league so seeing me on TV is a motivational thing to young ghetto yute who also have talent in all sporting activities.

BZ: I understand you also do fitness training with premier soccer league players. How is it like working with football guys?

VN: I work with them, most of the time am always working with current under 20 captain Zimbabwe football Munashe Pini they are fit those guys, they do aerobics almost every day especially on lockdown they pushed me far that’s why you see me doing all this that am doing for the country all those early mornings are paying off.

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