July 18, 2019

Hunt for new ZESA board begins

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Leroy Dzenga
THE Zimbabwe Government has begun the process of appointing a ZESA board expected to strengthen corporate governance at the power utility and act to end the power cuts affecting the Southern African country.

Energy and Power Development Minister Fortune Chasi said they have laid the criteria for who will sit on the board.

“I believe strongly that everything rises and falls on Governance. We are in the process of identifying women and men of integrity as well as experience. People who possess the requisite skills to give the country what it currently needs,” he said.

“We are clear on the calibre of people we need. We will be following the constitution in all respects including gender (parity). During the month of August we must be able to communicate with you with sufficient clarity,” said Minister Chasi.

The past ZESA board did not last three months before it was dismissed for lack of initiative and misplaced priorities.

Zimbabwe is currently battling acute power shortages with many parts of the country going for 18 hours a day without electricity which has been blamed on low water levels at Lake Kariba, the country’s main hydro electricity supplier.

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