May 7, 2020

I was nervous says Winky D’s Money Heist gear designer

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

On Wednesday evening, Winky D staged what has since become the most viewed live performance on Facebook since the Covid-19 lockdown started in Zimbabwe.

Live views were well over 14,000 – this despite the fact that Zimbabwe’s two biggest mobile phone network service providers, Net One and Econet had hiked fees a few hours earlier.

While the performance was pretty much the usual energetic standard that the ‘Gafa’ is known for, one thing that stood out was the chanters outfit.

Viewers were taken by surprise when Winky and his band appeared on the glitzy ZTN platform donning the orange overalls and face masks similar to those worn on the trending Netflix series, “Money Heist”.

The comments section started buzzing as viewers dropped their likes and loves for the outfit.

Immediately the chanter earned himself a new stage name, Professor, who is one of the characters in the aforementioned series.

So who made this outfit anyway?

ZTN searched for and found him. His name is Jay Tee the designer and this is what he said about working with the Ninja President.

“I was very excited and humbled but was very nervous when I was told I would be making an outfit for Winky D,” said Jay T.

“I didn’t want to disappoint the Gafa. I told myself I would deliver and started focusing on the work at hand knowing that if I get it right and I am sure I did, it would impact my career big time,” shared the designer.

So just how did the two meet and who came up with the concept?

“I linked up with Winky D via his Dj, producer and close associate, Layaan who was already a client of mine through the Afro Jackets I made for him last year.

“Winky D and Layaan came up with that Money Heist concept. I just had to add a few things then we were good to go,” revealed the elated designer.

Jay T also recalls how Winky D reacted when it was time for fitting.

“I did the five outfits within 24 hours. I was informed about the order on Monday around 7pm that’s when I took the measurements at Winky D’s residence.

“Production started on Tuesday evening after I had purchased the fabrics in the CBD.

“When he tried it on he said, hauchione manje kana tadaiso takuchinopedzera vanhu manje,” recalled the designer.

On a more technical note, Jay T shared with us details about the type of material he used for the overalls.

“I used premium hartel fabric for the overalls. They sourced out the masks from somewhere else.

“I chose that material because it is the actual material used on the original Money Heist overalls. The material is hard and light. It does not tear, fade or lad easily.”

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