July 17, 2020

Industries to face stiffer penalties for pollution

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Kimberleigh Jiro

Industries in the Workington area will face stiffer penalties from the local authority for discharging raw effluent in water bodies in and around Harare.

The discharge of effluent has seen the city’s main water sources being polluted to the extent that council now requires 11 chemicals which cost between US$2 million and US$3 million monthly.

Harare City Council amenities manager Mr Lisbert Chipfunde told ZTN that council is working on more punitive measures to deal with pollution.

“We have come up with by-laws we have sent to Government. We are now in the advertising stage so that we start to punitively charge industries which do not have pre-treatment facilities.”

“Every industry is to pay an industrial trade effluent tariff and penalties will be charged for those who are not compliant”, said Chipfunde.

Commercial and industrial properties are required to discharge their raw effluent to the municipal sewer and not into the environment. However Harare City Council has noted that this requirement is not being adhered to.

Mr Chipfunde added that although industries are the major polluters, Harare residents are also responsible for the pollution and should avoid dumping waste in undesignated areas.

The environmental management act Chapter 20:27 subsection 1 states that all industries and commercial properties should have a trade effluent discharge license.

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