May 7, 2020

Is Winky D the GOAT?

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ZTN Reporter

The jury is still out on how well – or otherwise – Winky D did during last night’s Gara Mumba Part 2 concert.

The musician’s fans say he did well, his critics insist he was a wee bit off colour.

However, the opposing camps agree that the Gaffa was spot on with his money heist motivated gear.

Once they agree they immediately revert back to their entrenched positions with those in Winky’s corner even daring to say he is the GOAT – Greatest Of All Time.

“It seems you are free to say your opinion until it’s against Winky D. Most of his fans will come for you, they will even hurl insults. I like Winky D, but I feel some people go to extreme levels, let’s respect those who have different opinions,” tweeted @sheckym.

“Respect our love for Winky so that we wont insult you!!!,” replied @MandieFx96.

As debate on how good Winky D is rages on the designer behind the musician’s Money Heist like attire has told ZTN that he was both excited and scared when he was contracted to make the outfit.

“I didn’t want to disappoint the Gafa. I told myself I would deliver and started focusing on the work at hand knowing that if I get it right and I am sure I did, it would impact my career big time,” said Jay Tee.

“I linked up with Winky D via his Dj, producer and close associate, Layaan who was already a client of mine through the Afro Jackets I made for him last year. “Winky D and Layaan came up with that Money Heist concept. I just had to add a few things then we were good to go.”

Jay Tee also recalls how Winky D reacted when it was time for fitting.

“I did the five outfits within 24 hours. I was informed about the order on Monday around 7pm that’s when I took the measurements at Winky D’s residence. “Production started on Tuesday evening after I had purchased the fabrics in the CBD. “When he tried it on he said, hauchione manje kana tadaiso takuchinopedzera vanhu manje,” he said.

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