April 28, 2021

Jah Signal light up The Couch

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ZTN Correspondent

Dancehall sensation Jah Signal brought his A-Game to The Couch yesterday, unleashing some fresh cuts and speaking out on how it’s wrong for artistes to get intimate with their fans.

The Couch is a football magazine show that airs on ZTN every Tuesday afternoon.

And yesterday the show had Jah Signal as its guest artiste.

Ever forthright, the Stonyeni hit maker conceded that there are always female fans who seek to get much more than music from him.

“But it’s all about your mindset. You should always remember that fans are fans, you cannot turn a fan into a sex partner it’s wrong.  

“Actually I feel a person who does that will be taking advantage of their fans,” said Jah Signal.

The energetic chanter revealed that he will soon be working on the videos to his new music such as Dana Ngirozi and Ndoenda Newe.

“The new music has been received well as soon I will be working on the videos so that the Swaa family (his fans) can enjoy the music,” he said.

Jah Signal also added his voice to the raging debate on some “unfair contracts” that artistes are made to sign by some promoters who later reap it big through royalties.

“It’s a controversial one but I feel as artistes we need to be smarter because there are people who come pretending to want to help us yet their motive is to cash in from the views that our work gets on social media platforms.

“This thing affects Zimdancehall artistes most and it’s something that we need to alive to. As an artiste you need to know what you are worth and be clear on the direction your career is taking,” said Jah Signal.

As usual The Couch featured some heated football debate with the panelists discussing why local players fail to make the grade in foreign leagues.

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