May 6, 2024

Kambucha targets international market

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Popular  brand, Fresh Kambucha, is now eyeing the European market.

Founder Eric Niyonsaba revealed this during the just-ended Africa One Identity business gala and awards.

Niyonsaba could not hide his joy at the special recognition which his product is getting.

He was honoured with the Outstanding African Group award.

“The products will soon be at the international level as the company continues to expand its product range.

“Kambucha  promises to be a game-changer in the market, appealing to a new segment of consumers while maintaining the high quality and unique taste that the company is known for,” he said.

Motivational speaker, Dr Kudzanai Vere, said African countries need to focus on attracting investment into their economies to fully unlock their potential for sustainable economic growth and development.

“As Africans we can work as one in improving Africa. Some of the things that we import are made from our own products.

“We need to put our heads together on how to grow this nascent content industry which has great potential to create employment for many Africans, especially our young generation.

“We need to produce local content not only to satisfy the needs of the local market, but also to target the external market,” he said.

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