May 15, 2021

Kool US$30 Million Pledge for Victoria Falls Memorial Park

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Leonard Ncube

Multi-award winning United States musician, Robert Earl Bell, is in the country on a holiday in Victoria Falls where he has pledged to build a US$30 million memorial park, whose purpose will be to attract world celebrities to the tourism capital.

Once successful, the project will see the resort city hosting concerts which world celebrities and musicians will be part of.

Better known as Robert ‘Kool’ Bell, the founding member of the famous Pop/R&B band Kool and the Gang, arrived in Victoria Falls on Thursday accompanied by his spokesperson Gregory Turner and Anthony Johnson.

On Friday the trio met Victoria Falls City fathers to present their proposal for a memorial project where they will erect a 30 feet statue of Mohammed Ali if they are given a piece of land.

Victoria Falls Mayor Councillor Somveli Dlamini, said the council will need to meet to deliberate and consider the proposal.

Bell and his team sampled some tourism activities around Victoria Falls and were set to meet artists on Saturday as they plan to partner the local arts and music industry to identify and nurture talent.

They have partnered Victoria Falls’ Diamond Studios for the project.

“I have heard a lot about Victoria Falls, the Seventh Wonder of the World and that is why l came. We want to find diamonds on the entertainment side of the economy because there is so much potential that we can develop here,” he said.

His spokesperson Turner said they want to help Victoria Falls grow and boost tourism by drawing world celebrities to the country’s tourism capital.

“African and American celebrities have been coming here and some making empty promises but we want to promise that we will implement our promise. We are planning historic concerts here and an African memorial project on a park with a 30 feet statue of Mohammed Ali ‘The Great boxer’ to draw global tourists,” he said.

The idea is develop the music industry and help Victoria Falls artists reach the international stage.

Bell’s group has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and won several awards including seven Grammys.

Bell was born on October, 8 1950 and grew up in New Jersey, America.

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