July 20, 2021

Let Money Find You!

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Jeffrey Preston Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon once said ‘one of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you’. Almost everybody is a seeker of fortune! However, we seem to engage in enterprises that we are not passionate about to force money on ourselves. The fact that a certain line of business looks lucrative does not signify the realization of one’s long awaited money making dream.

Money can remain an elusive dream in the same line of business where others reap millions effortlessly. How is it so? If I were to interpret Bezos’ observation I would say people look for money in all the wrong places. How about allowing money to find you? Money is drawn to those who possess the qualities that entice it! In other words money finds those who have the right attributes of entrepreneurship. One must begin with enterprising before they start making money. Below are the characteristics of good entrepreneurs that will eventually lead people into making money. Possess
these qualities and money will find you!

Be a visionary
Entrepreneurship is all about vision. Those who make it big in business think and plan for the future with active imagination and wisdom. Often, such thoughts are centered on their passions. Vision gives impetus to the pioneer of a firm to start acting on a mere belief in a future possibility when everyone else does not conceive of the same. Bill Gates imagined a world full of computers prior to their universal adoption and chose to drop out from college to work full time on his dream. To many, that would have been the dumbest thing ever to do but the world’s now richest man felt energized to pursue the unthinkable. Such is a key quality of effective entrepreneurs. They have to believe in an idea that makes sense mostly to themselves during its early days of conception.

Remain focused

An indispensable quality of entrepreneurs is their ability to maintain attention on just the important goals and tasks that need to be achieved. They are more watchful of the details that pertain to their trade. Instead of setting and working on numerous aspects of business, astute business owners concentrate on the most critical goals that must be achieved. They separate the necessary from the unnecessary and put all their effort towards attaining their aims. Elon Musk, the inventor of the electric car and reusable space rockets, at one time was the world’s richest entrepreneur. He
owes his success to paying attention to his chief goal of seeking to change the world and also to his everyday discipline. His passion for a different world is presently motivating him to work towards colonizing the planet Mars!

Be investigative
Individuals that become successful entrepreneurs actively explore ideas, facts, and information relating to customer needs and wants on the markets. Great entrepreneurs keep an eye on market trends and take advantage of opportunities that arise on the business arena.

When their community faces a problem, they seek for a solution to that problem and this leads them into making more money as problems become opportunities. The late Steve Jobs, of the Apple Computers, Inc. firm, gives a perfect example of an executive who understood market trends and customer needs. He is known for thorough market research and meeting customer needs by introducing the iPod, iTunes, Apple TV, iBook (laptop) and the iPhone.
Steve Jobs made riches from his excellent information seeking abilities.

Rely on hardwork and not on luck
While other people are lolling in bed, entrepreneurs work with extra energy and committment even outside the normal working hours. The willingness to do away with sleep enables business owners to concentrate on areas that will improve their undertakings. Such sacrifice and determination characterize most of the hyper-energetic business people we see.

Zimbabwe’s richest man, Strive Masiiwa is known for well cultivated work habits such as punctuality, initiative, and being a very good team player. Those who are very close to this self-made billionaire attest that he begins his work day with prayer. That way, he works his heart out as though he were working for God and not for himself or mankind!

Be venturesome and risk taking

Apart from being hard workers, business people take well calculated risks, investing adventurously in ventures that expose them to high chances of loss making if things go wrong. They view risk as an indicator of high rewards and take courage in devoting their money and effort where the majority of people fear. The Wright brothers took extraordinary
risk to become the first men to fly. Their airborne adventures catapulted them to fame as they became wealthy entrepreneurs, clinching deals to make airplanes for American and European enthusiasts. Money followed them while they were in pursuit of their passion.

Have an innovative and creative mind
Developing new products and finding new ways of doing business or making products provide entrepreneurs with the chance to make money. By venturing onto new horizons, business people excite their customers with the new offerings, leading to high sales revenue and profits in the event of success. Most successful business people believe that a slight deviation from the norm can be progressive. Walt Disney engaged his highly imaginative mind to form and sustain an entertainment and media company that became a household name. The company is still worth billions of dollars today.

Be good in decision making

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time scheming, comparing available options, and making the most important choices concerning their firms. These decisions are usually executed at the right time to avoid regrets. There is no time to miss opportunities in business. Right choices made on time yield the best results. Giving room to hesitation is the equivalent of forgoing profits. The greatest business decision of all time occurred when Mark Zuckerberg refused to sell his social networking site, Facebook, for one billion dollars to Yahoo, Inc.

Facebook eventually grew, placing Zuckerberg into sixty billion dollar league.

Persevere during difficult times

Despite facing challenges and, in some cases failure, business people keep on keeping on. They do not call it a day though they might feel demoralized. To become an entrepreneur, one must be prepared to embark on a long journey that is plagued with pitfalls, twists, turns, and uphill tasks. Success has never been and can never be an accident. It is the result of continued learning, hard work, and sacrifice. One needs to believe that obstacles can be overcome and that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Such unfaltering optimism is what keeps entrepreneurs going. Henry Ford is one person who is widely known for becoming insolvent for five successive occasions! When all seemed lost, he made a dramatic comeback with the emergence of the Ford Motor Company.

Although many people want to start their own businesses, few follow their passion and they lack the characteristics of good entrepreneurs. To become a successful business person, one needs to: be a visionary, innovative, remain focused, be investigative, rely on hard work, be a good decision maker, continue being venturesome, and persevere during difficult seasons.

Oga Chapwanya is a marketing researcher, trainer, writer, lecturer, and teacher. For feedback and comments:
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