July 7, 2020

Logarusic to focus on current form

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Mukudzei Chingwere

Zimbabwe Warriors coach Zdravko Logarusic says his next national team squad will be based on current form.

The Croat was appointed national team coach early this year and is yet to take charge of a single game after the games were halted by the Coronavirus break.

Logarusic told ZTN that he is happy with the quality of players at his disposal but said he is afraid some will lose their touch following several months of not having proper training.

“Zimbabwe has talent, there are good players with a big potential, and I am happy with the level of competition I have seen,” said the Croat.

Despite his growing praises Logarusic says his squad selection will not be based on yester-year fame but on current form.

“What was done is a story, in football we deal with the current condition, we want a player that can do a certain job at a particular time not what they have previously done,” he said.

He fears some players might be affected by the long break and lose their touch.

“I do not know what the players will look like after these months without proper training, the weight, their ability to play the ball. What was before might have changed and we have to start afresh.

“Players are different, some adapt very quickly to return to their form and some need more time toget back to form.”

“I will have to use my experience as well as help from my assistant coaches to see who can do the job on a particular time, it will be very interesting and also a challenge,” he said.

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