Man Kills Ex-wife Over Erectile Dysfunction

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Lloyd Ndemo
A 55-year-old man from Hwange, a town in north western Zimbabwe, allegedly killed his ex-wife whom he accused of casting a spell on him which caused him to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

According to police, Jonathan Mabhena stabbed Gertrude Ngwenya with a knife on the lower abdomen and both hands.

Matebeleland North provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the incident to ZTN.

‚ÄúPolice in Hwange arrested Jonathan Mabhena in connection with a murder case that happened on Tuesday. He is currently in police custody.”

Mabhena allegedly fled the scene after committing the crime but was later arrested after walking into a police trap.

Inspector Banda said members of the public should always seek mediation whenever they are having misunderstandings and not resort to violence.