May 11, 2021

Mandatory quarantine for travellers from Covid-19 hotspots

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s parliament has suggested mandatory quarantine for travellers coming from Covid-19 hotspots.

Chairperson of the Health and Child Care Parliamentary Portfolio Committee, Dr Ruth Labode told ZTN that while Covid-19 infections appear to be under control in Zimbabwe, the country remains at risk of a surge in cases due to travellers coming from hotspot countries.

Dr Labode’s concerns come in the wake of a frightening Covid-19 emergency in India where an average of four thousand deaths are being recorded daily. Neighbouring South Africa has detected four cases of the variant of Covid-19 from India which scientists suggest is more deadly.

“Zimbabwe cannot allow its citizens even if you are vaccinated to go to India. But so far the decision made by the UK to say if you are coming from Zimbabwe for example now even if you have a PCR test you must quarantine for 14 days. Maybe we are supposed to use that strategy for certain countries,” Dr Labode said.

President of the Zimbabwe Medical Association Dr Francis Chirowa concurred with Dr Labode and urged caution.

“We are certainly not immune from the variants that are affecting other countries like India and South Africa. In addition to that we are not sure whether the vaccines that are available can work for these new variants. We should minimize contact of people from those areas which are hotspots like India. One would recommend that we ban people from that country.”

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