October 22, 2019

‘Many top athletes got tips from Mandaza’

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By Mugove Chigada

FORMER Olympian Abel Chimukoko has saluted the late Artwell
Mandaza as a torchbearer.

Chimukoko said the legendary Zimbabwean athlete, who died on Monday morning at the age of 73, showed them the way.

Mandaza is known for running 100 metres in 9.9 seconds at a time he could not participate at the Olympics during the Rhodesia era in the 70s.

Many also remember him for taking on a horse at Borrowdale race course.

“It’s a big loss to the sporting fraternity, particularly athletics. Mandaza left a behind a legacy of unity among athletes. He used to advise me to market
myself wherever I got the chance, of which I did,” Chimukoko told ZTN

“Many top athletes got tips from him. Am worried that he failed to get the
support he deserved in time of need. As athletes, whether retired or not, we
need support during and after our careers in sport. He will remain a hero
and may his soul rest in peace.”

A family spokesperson said mourners are gathered at Nzvimbo village in Chiweshe.

Below is how some Zimbabweans reacted to the death of Mandaza on

Ranga Mberi

Growing up, we heard so many tales of Artwell Mandaza, the sprinter who could’ve beaten the world were it not for Rhodesia. RIP to the legend. Once read this interesting article on him:


May He rest in power, a record breaker. It’s time we started writing our own stories. We write history right

Saviour Kasukuwere
You might not have known Artwell Mandaza, but he was the finest athlete to emerge in colonial Rhodesia. He broke the 100m world record and was denied the honour, but his place in history as the greatest of all can’t be erased. Go well VaMandaza.

Wilson K
Remember when he raced against a horse at Borrowdale racecourse. RIP
mdara Artwell. My dad was ever so proud of you during his days at Nzvimbo Primary School Chiweshe in the 70’s. I remember all the newspaper cuttings of Mandaza’s races. A treasured possession for my
Dad. MYSRIP uncle

Steve Vickers
In 1970 he ran 100m in 9.9 secs and became first black Sportsperson of the Year. Missed out on 1972 Olympics with Rhodesia banned, Famously
raced against a horse at Borrowdale. Sadly, financial hardships marked his final years.

Martin Changachirere
It’s sad that we never fully gave this renowned sprinter the respect he
deserves. We need to develop a culture of rewarding our heroes whilst theyare still alive

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