February 1, 2020

Marry Mubaiwa remanded in custody, again

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ZTN Correspondent

Marry Mubaiwa, the wife of Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, was on Saturday denied bail for allegedly assaulting their child-minder.

In delivering the ruling, Harare magistrate Bianca Makwande said Mubaiwa had “the propensity for violence” and “does not learn from her mistakes”.

“She showed that she has disregard for the law and went on to commit this offence knowing fully that she had a pending case; and the court will not take it lightly.”

Last week, the High Court granted Mubaiwa custody of the couple’s children. VP Chiwenga immediately appealed, and Chief Justice Luke Malaba will hear the case.

Prosecutors allege that despite this pending case, Mubaiwa, armed with the High Court order, went to collect the children at school.

She allegedly assaulted the child-minder who was at the school on a similar errand.

Mubaiwa is facing separate charges of attempting to kill the Vice-President, fraud and money-laundering.

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