February 13, 2024

Minister Ncube urges Kwekwe to repair roads

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Michael Magoronga Midlands Bureau

Kwekwe City Council has been challenged by Minister of State for Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Owen Ncube to come up with a work plan to repair the city’s damaged road network.

He made the remarks after a tour of the city’s roads, most of which are riddled with potholes.

Minister Ncube has been assessing the road network in the province to check on the extent of damage and explore ways of dealing with this.

He challenged Kwekwe City Council to immediately roll out a clear programme to address the road network.

“The Infrastructure and Utilities Thematic Working Group chaired by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development must immediately convene with the City of Kwekwe and all relevant private entities to mobilise resources for pothole patching.

“The Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme (ERRP) provincial committee must also immediately undertake monitoring visits to local authorities and proffer advice on the implementation of the programme,” he said.

Minister Ncube urged private companies to work closely with the local authority to help repair the damaged roads.

“It is sad to note that heavy trucks and machinery are damaging our road network which was not primarily designed for heavy traffic. It is, therefore, the collective responsibility of road authorities and corporates to ensure maintenance and rehabilitation of roads to complement Government efforts,” he said. Minister Ncube said illegal mining activities were also contributing to the collapse of roads and called on law enforcement agencies to clamp down on culprits.

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