November 23, 2020

MSU Clinch National Universities Debate Competition

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Hanganani Nleya

Midlands State University are the winners of this year’s SASI National Universities Debate competition hosted by SAYWHAT, with support from the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe, UNFPA and SAIH. The programme was broadcast live on Zimpapers Television Network, ZTN.

The MSU shrugged off stiff competition from The University of Zimbabwe in the final to lift the trophy which was being held by the Harare Institute of Technology, (HIT) for two years in a row.

2020 has been a good year for MSU as they won the National Universities Quiz in September.

The debate tested the students’ knowledge on emerging and contemporary human development issues such as Covid-19, mental health, cyber bullying and climate change, in line with SAYWHAT’s main thrust of educating learners at tertiary education institutions about sexual reproductive health.

Speaking at the end of the competition, SAYWHAT’s National coordinating committee vice chairperson Ebenezer Nobela commended participants for the high level of debate and knowledge of issues affecting them that  were being discussed.

“Students really displayed evidence of research, broadness and firmness in terms of knowledge on issues that were being discussed” he said.

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