September 30, 2020

Murewa Murder: Prosecutors Recount Gory Details

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Adam Bakili in Harare and Rutendo Rori in Murewa

Investigators in Zimbabwe are optimistic about the possible arrest of the third suspect in the murder of a seven-year-old in Murewa district.

Two suspects, Tapiwa Makore and his help, Tafadzwa Shamba, are in remand prison following their arrest.

The third suspect is a traditional healer who is allegedly holding on to the boy’s head for ritual purposes.

Detectives believe their leads are enough to track the suspect.

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZTN News that investigators are “closing in on the traditional healer”.

He would not, however, divulge further details for fear of “jeopardising investigations”.

“We are pursuing several leads, as we speak, so that we can account for the traditional healer or any other person who might have been involved in the gruesome murder.

“We can’t reveal more details as we can only do so after effecting arrest lest we jeopardise the current follow-ups which are being made by police officers.”

Prosecutors say Shamba lured the seven-year-old from a garden and detained him at Makore’s house on September 17.

Makore reportedly joined a search party after news of the minor’s disappearance spread, helping look for leads up to midnight. He went home afterwards, and the boy was asleep under Shamba’s guard.

At 1 am, September 18, Shamba allegedly carried the victim to a secluded area where Makore allegedly pinned him to the ground as the former allegedly cut his head off with a knife.

The body was dismembered and the limbs packed in one packet; while the torso and head were packed separately.

Makore allegedly carried the first packet and Shamba the second, dumping the torso along the way.

A villager, Summer Murwira, later discovered the torso as his dogs consumed parts of it.

On September 20, investigators searched Makore’s house and discovered Shamba’s blood-stained trousers in the kitchen hut.

Another search on September 23 led to the discovery of Shamba’s blood-stained vest. Shamba confessed to the murder, according to prosecutors.

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