September 23, 2020

Murewa murder: recovered body parts a mismatch

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Lloyd Ndemo

News that the remains of a slain child from Murewa had been discovered was expected to bring closure to the Makore family but, surprisingly, it has brought more confusion.

The family lost its seven-year-old son last week after his assailants had gruesomely mutilated the boy’s body, taking away his head, arms and legs and leaving just the torso.

The torso was recovered from the jaws of dogs.

Tests conducted at a laboratory in Harare confirmed the body parts are not a match.

The deceased’s aunt, Beulah Musupayi was at a loss when interviewed at a laboratory in Harare.

“The body was observed by two doctors and the parts did not match with that of the boy. The body which was discovered is that of a 14-year-old. Our son was seven years old,” she said.

She added, “tests found that the head is of a person who died long back.

“We cannot afford the DNA tests as they cost over US$4000.”

Police spokesperson senior Assistant Commissioner, Paul Nyathi said, “According to medical experts he parts which were found do not belong to the body.

“As police we do not want to speculate if the parts belong to another person or not. Let’s wait for police to finish their investigations because we had not received any reports of a missing person within that same area,” he added.

This is the second case in a fortnight as another minor, a girl, was discovered in a well in Harare’s Epworth suburb.

The girl had been missing for several days.

But, when she was found, her hair was shaven yet when she disappeared, she had her hair.

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