January 13, 2021

National dam water levels improve

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ZTN Correspondent

Water levels in Zimbabwe’s major dams continue to rise on the back of the rains being received across the country, the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has said.

According to latest data, as at 11 January this year, the national dam level average stood at 67 percent, with some dams now full and spilling.

The current national dam level average is about 18 percent more than what was recorded during the same period last year.

The water authority said the national dam level has increased by 27.71 percent since the commencement of the current rain season in October.

Sanyati Catchment has the highest dam level average at 104 percent with almost every dam in the catchment now full and spilling.

Gwayi Catchment (80.3 percent) Manyame Catchment (60.7 percent), Mzingwane Catchment (65 percent), Runde Catchment (68.2 percent) and Save Catchment (59.7 percent).

Zinwa Corporate Communications and Marketing Officer Tsungirirai Shoriwa said, “The improvements in the dam levels point to better raw water security for the country’s urban areas and improved water security for the 2021 winter cropping season.”

Shoriwa added, “despite these increases, Zinwa reminds the nation that water remains a finite resource which needs to be conserved and efficiently used all the times”.

Some of the dams that are now full and spilling include Ngwenya, Lower Mguza, Insukamini, Exchange, Pollards, Bangala, Woodlands, Tokwane, Muzhwi, Marovanyati, Sebakwe, Gwenoro, Whitewaters, Chikomba, Somalala, Munjanganja Zimunya, Bangazaan, Roswa, Nerutanga, Matezva and Odzani.

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