April 21, 2021

NEC Loses 20K To Secretary General

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Patience Nhamburo

The former Secretary General of the National Employment Council for The Funeral Industry in Zimbabwe, Takaindisa Svosve, has appeared before a Harare magistrate court for allegedly stealing $20 000 from the organization.

The Council alleged that Takaindisa stole the money, by swiping various groceries
at OK Nkwame Nkrumah Branch in Harare.

The courts heard that, sometime in August 2020, the National Employment Council for The Funeral Industry was audited by external auditors, Vali and

The audit reflected that on the 18 th of December, $20 408 was used by Svosve
without the authority of the company.

Appearing before Harare Magistrate Judith Taruvinga, Svosve denied all allegations and asked the state to present reliable proof.

Takaindisa was remanded out of custody and warned not to interfere with witness Dr Chomi Makina, pending trial that was set for the 11th of May.

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