January 24, 2022

Over 900 Prosecuted For Littering

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Sharon Munjenjema

A total of 931 offenders have been arrested since the beginning of the Environmental Management Agency’s anti littering blitz which started on January 17.

EMA Senior Environmental Education and Publicity Officer Liberty Mugadza told ZTN News that about 828 organisations have also been issued with environmental protection orders mandating them to put in place environmental redress mechanisms.

“I can confirm that we are still continuing with our anti-littering blitz, monitoring for compliance in
line with the existing legislation on waste management.

“We are encouraging members of the public, especially those in the residences to avoid littering. If they wish to dispose of waste accumulating in their homes they should contact the local authority’s department of works and be assisted,” he said.

EMA is also encouraging members of the public to report individuals and organisations they see committing environmental crimes.

Meanwhile, the Harare City Council has started an exercise to establish if building owners in the capital have the required number of bins at their premises, in line with the city’s by-laws.

In a statement, the city threatened to penalise those not complying with its laws.

“So far 133 premises and 17 buildings have been visited and our findings indicated that there were 116 bins instead of the recommended number of 192.

“Council has served 35 notices to building owners, penalties will be imposed if they fail to comply,” read part of the statement.

This announcement comes at a time when residents in most suburbs in the capital are crying foul over the non-collection of garbage in their areas, which poses a health hazard.

Harare City Council’s regular excuse is that the city does not have enough vehicles and fuel to carry out garbage collection.

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