January 18, 2023

Pambuka, two friends convicted of fraud

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FORMER television presenter Oscar Pambuka and his two friends were today convicted on charges of attempting to defraud a Harare-based transporter of R36 000 after misrepresenting to him that he was Mr Chingwena, Croco Motors director, and wanted advance money to pay for shipment of his motor spare parts in South Africa when they appeared at Mbare Magistrates Court.

Pambuka was convicted along with Ngonidzashe Mbauya, who is in transport business and Elmore Mwenye on fraud charges.

The trio duped Gibson Mazhangara, who runs Gimatar Logistics.

On November 15 last year, Pambuka, who was masquarading as Croco Motors marketing manager and representing Mr Chingwena, called Mr Mazhangara using a South African number saying they wanted R36 000 as advance payment for shipping spare parts from South Africa.

He claimed Mr Chingwena was engaged in a meeting.

Pambuka then asked Mr Mazhangara to deposit the money into J Velem Enterprises trading as Ulphostery Trading’s FNB Bank account in South Africa.

He also told Mr Mazhangira that he would receive the equivalent money in United States dollars in the country. – The Herald

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