June 15, 2022

Pink Diaries

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What do women really think and talk about when brought together, given space and a bit of booze and attitude?

Pink Diaries!

A feel-good interactive talk show, Pink Diaries explores hot topics that women often keep tucked away in their heart of hearts.

With loads of banter, their inner beings emerge from these cocoons; finding expression right on camera!

Real. Abstract. Intellectual.

The ladies on this riveting production form a captivating ensemble of an out-spoken cast keen to make sense of topical issues that affect everyday life.

It’s an eclectic celebration of the woman’s tenacious victory over curve balls life sometimes throws at her. Well, admittedly, everyone gets a crack at fate.

And this never-before-seen show puts women on a pedestal, allowing them to flourish in conversation and to bare truths – truths that would otherwise ordinarily remain hidden in their minds’ museums.

Pink Diaries allows men a peek into the archetypal woman’s mind.

And phew! This has vivid shades of the opening of the box of Pandora!

Samantha, one of the principal characters on the show, says, “Pink Diaries feels like a chill session after work with my girls. I totally forget that the cameras are rolling and enjoy the conversations.”

Rudiii sums it up: “It’s a feel-good session with the girls where we sit and talk about anything, especially those topics we like to talk about when men aren’t around.

“It’s also exciting to discuss interesting issues while relaxed over drinks and snacks.”

The producer, Charlotte Dekeya, believes Pink Diaries will influence conversations in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. “This is a production to be excited about! It’s nothing like any other Zimbabwean production. The rawness of the topics and, more importantly, the conversation that the girls bring to the table is smart and incredible!

“The ladies will bombshell you with their honesty. It’s pretty clear that they are relaxed and in their element. It’s something viewers will watch over and over!”


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