August 19, 2021

Police impound 30 vehicles over illegal Led lights

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Lloyd Ndemo

Police in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland East province have impounded more than thirty vehicles for illegally modifying headlights using led lamps, which the police say, have caused a lot of accidents.

Provincial police spokesperson inspector Simon Chazovachii told ZTN that the operation will run until roads are safe for all road users.

“Police in Mashonaland East have arrested more than 30 motorists for fitting illegal led bar lights on their vehicle in contravention of section 66 of statutory instrument 129 of 2015 which makes it an offence for any vehicle to be affixed with additional headlights,” he said.

“Police will continue arresting vehicles with illegally fixed headlights as these have contributed immensely to road accidents as they impair the vision of other road users, ” Inspector Chazovachii added.

Three people died recently when the vehicle they were travelling in was involved in a head-on collision with a truck along Mutare road and the accident was blamed on the improvised led headlights.

It is believed these modified lights are too bright resulting in other drivers’ vision being impaired.

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