August 30, 2021

Police Name, Shame Traffic Law Violators

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Munashe Mukahlera

Police in Zimbabwe are now naming and shaming traffic law offenders under an exercise called, ‘smart policing’.
In the first phase, 23 offenders were published in dailies on Monday. The list included vehicle registration numbers and names of vehicle owners who ran through a red traffic light in Harare.

Police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi spoke to ZTN News.

“I cannot talk about the system being used, suffice to say we have observed motorists going through red traffic lights in major cities and towns, particularly Harare and Bulawayo.

“This is part of smart policing as we try to capture because we realized some people are using motor vehicles without changing ownership details. We are appealing to the motorists we have identified to come forward and own up,” he said.

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