October 31, 2022

Police warn road beggars

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POLICE have warned individuals and groups engaging in road repairs and demand payments from motorists to desist from the acts or risk arrest.

In a statement on Monday, Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi also cautioned individuals moving on wheelchairs begging or seeking donations at traffic lights in a number of towns around the country.

Ass Comm Nyathi said this is disturbing traffic flow and puts people’s lives at risk.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has noted with concern the dangerous and illegal acts being conducted by certain individuals and groups on the roads around suburbs and towns in the country.

“The individuals and groups purport to be conducting road repairs through heaps of bricks and soil. In the process, the flow of traffic is disturbed while the lives of these individuals are at risk.

“Some are even leaving heaps of soil and bricks on the roads while others remove the purported bricks and soil structures once payment has been received as they solicit for more payments or contributions from motorists.”

Ass Comm Nyathi urged the public to lodge complaints against individuals and groups as this is equal to interfering with road safety principles.

“The public is urged to report these individuals and groups to the Police as their activities are interfering with road safety principles.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores the public to be safety conscious on the roads and avoid disturbing the flow of traffic besides putting their lives on risk.

“The Police also cautions individuals who are moving with some wheelchairs and children and then wait at traffic lights (robots) to seek for donations or assistance from the public. This is again interfering with traffic movements and endangering lives of the individuals.”


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