February 13, 2020

Private sector urged to support health initiatives

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Mirirai Nsingo

ZIMBABWE’S private sector has been urged to join the fight against tuberculosis as the country grapples to end the disease by 2030.

The Southern African country is ranked among Africa’s eight high TB burdened countries and yet its health sector faces huge funding gaps.

Speaking at a Stop TB Partnership meeting with the private sector on Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and Child Care called on the private sector to take an active role in supporting the health sector at a time when donor funding is dwindling.

Zimbabwe’s health sector over the past decades has remained heavily donor funded but donor fatigue over the years seems to be creeping in.

“Zimbabwe remains heavily burdened by tuberculosis at a time when donor funding is dwindling. We all have a role to play to end TB and the health sector cannot go it alone without the private sector.

“This engagement comes after noting that programming has been excluding the private sector and it is time we re-strategize if we are to end TB,” said Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation executive director, Donald Tobaiwa.

Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation is host to the Stop TB Partnership, a partner to the Ministry of Health and Child Care.

Tobaiwa said partnering with the private sector could accelerate the process of ending TB through creating home based solutions for the challenges Zimbabwe is facing in its TB fight.

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