November 5, 2021

Recruitment Organisation Receives First Zim Migrants Into UK

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ZTN Correspondent

UNITED Kingdom (UK)-headquartered mental health and care specialist organisation, Lorac Holdings, has received its first group of migrant workers from Zimbabwe after successfully facilitating their recruitment and processing of visas.

The organisation, which was established in 2013 by Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur, Carole Nyakudya, has become one of the top impact organisations in terms of delivering mental health and learning disability services, targeting minor children and the youth.

In response to the growing demand for its services, which has shot up under the Covid-19 spell, the company was early this year awarded a sponsor license by the UK home office to recruit health personnel and support staff from outside the borders of its host country.

This breakthrough led to the launch of the ambitious international recruitment drive some four months ago, which culminated in the establishment of the Lorac Zimbabwe office. A similar footprint has been expanded into South Africa, Ghana and Uganda.

The organisation said there has been a huge response to the programme, as many local applicants seek to grab the opportunity to work in the UK. Among those who applied and were successful is Jillian Makaranga, a single mother of two girls, who applied in early June and got her visa in late September.

“I was based in South Africa, in Cape town, running a small shop. I attended an interview and the team was very friendly and eventually, I was successful and here I am,” she said a few moments before her departure for the UK.

Taurai Ndegwere, who is married with two children, a daughter and a son, could not hide his joy in making the immigration breakthrough.

Nontokozo Mbulayi (25), who is also from Zimbabwe, and is married, said the organisation has offered her a befitting opportunity.

“This opportunity suits my family because it accommodates everyone in my family because we can go together,” she said.

In her remarks, Nyakudya, who is the chief executive officer, said her organisation is ready to deliver quality service and help transform the health sector while empowering the less privileged.

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