May 22, 2020

Rising Lock brothers halted by Covid-19

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ZTN Sports

Rising Tennis star Benjamin Lock says he is strictly adhering to lockdown restrictions to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Benjamin and his brother Courtney Lock’s run of form was halted by the deadly epidemic which has grounded all sporting activities.

In an interview with ZTN Sports, Benjamin reminisced on an unforgettable year he had with his brother on the court.

“2019 was basically my best season on tour, my brother and I had the best season on tour, there was a lot of time on tour. We spent 39 or 40 weeks abroad, so it was a lot of time, a lot of sacrifice it was probably my best year.

“It is unfortunate that the tour stopped when it did because the pandemic hit us and kept things suspended, so we are patiently waiting for when we can hit the court again,” he said.

The 23-year-old also spoke of how they have been keeping fit without trampling on the lockdown restrictions put by government to stop the spread of the virus.

“Obviously with the lockdown it has been a bit tricky, in terms of not being able to practice, but we are very fortunate my brother and we have a garden, a driveway and we have been able to keep our fitness up.”

He also encouraged people to observe the restrictions and help stop the spread of the pandemic.

“I am in favour of staying on the cautious side of things, staying in your house trying to limit interaction with people, a lot of social distancing, that is my view on it and I hope people can buy in,” said Lock.

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