August 18, 2021

Robber turns serial rapist, faces more charges

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Patience Nhamburo

Bessam Mahosi, a man who once fled from Hurungwe prison, and was already in Harare remand prison’s d-section, for other charges shocked many on Tuesday morning when he was retrieved from the cells facing more charges.

Mahosi, who is also known as Kudzanai Gwaze Ambewe, is facing four rape and two robbery charges respectively. Investigators allege that between January and April this year, the accused pounced on unsuspecting victims in Kuwadzana paddocks and raped them.

In the other case, he lured an unsuspecting twelve-year-old girl under the pretext that he needed assistance with carrying his eggs. He forced himself on her as soon as they got to a secluded place.

The violation was, however, short-lived after a herd of cattle disturbed him. His last charge pertains to the rape of a woman whose phone he stole. However, when he took to his heels after violating her, he dropped a national identification card belonging to another victim whom he had robbed and also raped.

The 37-year-old was arrested for committing other robbery cases and made indications in camera, leading to him being linked to the other rape cases. The indications were further buttressed by the identification parade where Mahosi was positively identified by the complainants.

The camera footage is being held as an exhibit and will be used as evidence.

Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi remanded Mahosi in custody to the 3rd of September and advised him to approach the high court for bail.

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