October 28, 2019

Sadc reels as temperatures soar

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Leroy Dzenga

Weather experts have warned that high temperatures being experienced in the Sadc region are going to get worse. The temperatures are set to reach unprecedented levels in some places from today.

Sadc Climate Change Services, in its latest forecast, placed Zimbabwe and eight other countries under a heat wave warning zone.

“Persistent temperatures in the range of 30 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius are expected in the bulk of central Sadc in the next five days,” reads the advisory.

“Parts of central Sadc will experience temperatures above 35 degrees C over a consecutive period of three (3) days and occasions where temperatures have a high probability to exceed 40 degrees Celsius, thus reaching the threshold for heat wave,” the advisory report warned.

Sadc encouraged member states to closely work with their local meteorological departments. The Chief Forecaster at Zimbabwe’s
Meteorological Services Department James Ngoma, said the high temperatures will be followed by thunderstorms.

“We project cooler conditions as we move into Tuesday and Wednesday, with a greater chance of isolated thunderstorms that may be violent in
places,” Ngoma said.

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