April 21, 2021

Schools to remain proactive: Ministry of Education

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Pepertua Rojasi

THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education says all schools will remain proactive despite Covid-19 cases that have been recorded.

This comes after at least 382 pupils tested Covid-19 positive country wide, with Matabeleland province recording the highest number of positive cases. Schools that include Prince Edward, Bulawayo Girls College, Mzingwane High, St David’s Bonda and Embakwe Mission have recorded positive cases.

Speaking during a live programme on ZTN, ministry spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said the ministry is working closely with that of Health and Child Care in ensuring that all the schools are safe.

“There is no need for our parents to panic because yes, we have recorded cases but literally there is no Covid-19 in our schools. Rather Covid is brought by people in the communities.“We have all the parameters put in place, the World Health Organisation protocols are also being followed in all our schools around the country so we do not have Covid-19 in our schools,” said Ndoro.

Speaking on the same programme, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (Zimta) Acting Secretary Goodwill Taderera said the ministry has only released blueprints but practically on the ground there is no progress in terms of pupil safety.

“From what the ministry is saying, we see different interpretations on the ground and when you really get to schools what is written in the standard operation procedures is not even followed.

“All we hear is that there is money that was set aside for provisions but there is really no change because the desks that were there then are the same desks that are still there as well as the structures are still the same.

“Sanitisers were received way back. Up until now most schools have not received any and for us it becomes a serious concern,” Taderera said.

High Achievers Coach International Academy representative, Dr Tapera Chikandiwa said people should understand that Covid-19 is not just a Government responsibility but that it is a community responsibility.

“l believe that the ministry is working hard in ensuring that our schools are safer and the blueprints are a great move. What only needs to be done is for people to work together that is, the teachers, parents, and the pupils because the schools alone can really not make it.”

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