January 17, 2020

Sharp enough to finish Dakar rally race

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Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWEAN biker Graeme Sharp has made history by becoming the first Zimbabwean rider at the Dakar Rally to enter and finish the race in that category.

“Thank you to everyone for supporting this incredible journey,” he wrote on his facebook page on Friday after the race.

Given how tough the race is, Sharp’s aim before the race was to just cross the finish line. And he did so, finishing at number 83 on the last stage and 74 overall.

Image from https://www.graemesharpdakar.com/

“I spoke to a lot of former Dakar privateers to learn from their experiences and came home with pages of notes. The Merzouga rally was a first big learning curve in the dunes. And I was then able to improve during the Morocco Rally. That was another great experience,” Sharp said before the race.

“The fraternity between the competitors, even the factory riders was amazing. I now feel a lot more comfortable with the navigation.

“The more experience you have the more comfortable you get. Being the first Zimbabwean on a bike to compete in the Dakar Rally is a really humbling experience. It makes the purpose to race even bigger than my own. Riding for your country, doing something positive for Zimbabwe gives you strength,” Sharp said.

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