June 15, 2022

Simply Gents

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That’s the new catchphrase as “The Truth About Men Talk” sweeps across contemporary society.

Patriarchy and tradition both wrap men in a persona of invincibility.

But do men really get vulnerable sometimes, requiring to open up on their darkest secrets, deepest fears and apprehension?

And what exactly do they talk about? Many women are still mortified by what their husbands and boyfriends talk about when they hang out with friends.

Simply Gents provides that rare insight into the innermost feelings and thoughts of men.

Producer of the show Howard Musonza puts it across, “Being with my wife for nine years has made me realise that she doesn’t know anything about men.”

And — exaggeration or not — this (or some variant of this) is the situation many women in Zimbabwe and beyond find themselves in — knowing what their husband or boyfriend is like one-on-one (and in a mixed group) — but always wondering how different he is when he gets together with his friends.

Simply Gents sifts through the trolling to uncover the “secret lives” of men — from finances, sport, movies and women — yes women! “From talking about dating women to men’s desire for wedded bliss and why so many fail to achieve it, Simply Gents talks about it all,” says Musonza.

“Believe it or not — men have feelings, too, and guy talk is happening more and more — and we applaud that.”

There is no great conspiracy to differentiate the subjects that men talk about from those women discuss.

And, as always, any conversation is dictated by interests and personalities more than gender.

Musonza adds:

“This show features men of different ages and relationship status weighing in on everything that men talk about when they meet as friends.”




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