January 29, 2020

Speed dating sweeps Zimbabwe

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Anashe Murombedzi

Speed dating is taking romance to another level in Zimbabwe. A formalized match-making platform, speed dating helps those still searching to meet a large number of potential partners and to find new love.

Njuzu Digital will be hosting a match-making speed dating event on its platform, ZimDate on February 15, 2020 in Harare.

Singles aged 21 and above are eligible to register for the event with entry fees pegged at US$10 for men and US$5 for women. Those interested apply to ZimDate WhatsApp or their Facebook platform and the targeted top matches, 100 men and 100 women will be selected to attend upon paying the event fee.

ZimDate started in 2012 on the company’s website and Facebook platforms and has ten thousand subscribers. The upcoming event will be the first of a series that will be held in cities across the southern African country this year.

Njuzu Digital Chief Operating Officer Douglas Dhire told ZTN that his organization facilitates for those on the journey to find love to have perfect matches.

“Every member is given up to five minutes to meet and get to know
someone and one should have a pen and paper to indicate whether they
like a certain number(s), however it is for fun”.

Dhire further said participants will be given a badge number but will remain anonymous.  A whistle is blown after every five minutes and partners switch to the next partner until one finds a suitable match. The perfect match will then be allowed to share their personal details and go on an actual date at their convenience.

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