April 21, 2021

Spike-wielding cops warned

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Lloyd Ndemo

Authorities in Zimbabwe say they will now descend heavily on police officers who throw spikes in the way of moving vehicles.

A few years ago, throwing spikes was outlawed, but the practice is now resurfacing.

Senior police figures say spikes should only be placed in front of vehicles when police officers suspect the driver might not stop at a security checkpoint.

Some officers are, however, using them; endangering the public.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said; “We are not condoning acts of smashing windscreens and use of spikes by police officers when they want to effect arrests on these errants motorists.”

He added, “We have sent messages to officers and we are continuing to educate them conducting awareness campaigns and definitely we will take action where there will be an element of recklessness on the part of an officer who will have used a spike or smashed a vehicle’s windscreen.”

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