August 1, 2019

State ready for Kunaka trial

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Leroy Dzenga

Political activist Jim Kunaka’s docket is now complete and is under final inspection before trial commences.

Kunaka who is facing charges of subverting a constitutionally elected Government, had a remand hearing at the Harare Magistrates court on Thursday and was further remanded to September 5.

The state said it is now ready for trial and there will not be further delays with the case.

Prosecutor Charles Muchemwa said Kunaka’s indictment papers should be ready by the next sitting.

Kunaka’s defense has alleged that the state does not have a strong case and is applying delaying tactics.

His lawyer, Mr Job Sikhala told the court that the state has to provide indictment papers by the next sitting or they will appeal.

“We consented with the state to further remand the matter to the next date. We will write to the Prosecutor General seeking variation of the bail conditions because the accused has been on remand since January and the dates keep being deferred.

“On September 5, if the state fails to provide indictment papers, the accused is going to make an application for removal of remand for want of prosecution,” Mr Sikhala told the court.

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