October 13, 2022

STOP IT . . . Ti Gonzi reacts to Holy Ten’s ‘father of Zim Hip Hop’ claim

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Rest Mutore

ZIM Hip-Hop star, Ti Gonzi, has issued a stark warning to fellow rapper Holy Ten that he should stop calling himself the ‘father of Zim Hip Hop.’

Holy Ten was on ZTN Prime’s Happy Hour on Tuesday where he told the host, Charmaine ‘Chacha’ Chasweka, that he is the father figure of the genre.

Happy Hour airs every Tuesday from 19:00hrs to 20:00hrs (CAT) on ZTN Prime, DStv Zimbabwe Channel 294.

The husky-voiced rapper was responding to a question about his tweet (earlier Tuesday) in which he appeared ‘dissing’ fellow rappers Voltz JT and Saintfloew.

“. . . it’s care, I’m the father of Zim Hip-Hop. I’m their father, all the way from Voltz, Kikky (and) everyone that’s doing Zim Hip Hop and as the father I have to speak the truth,” Holy Ten told Chacha.

And now, in a Facebook post, Ti Gonzi has hit back at Holy Ten saying he is free to do whatever he wants, but, not calling himself the father of Zim Hip Hop.

“Warning!!Holy Ten stop calling yourself the father of ZimHipHop. Zvimwe zvese ita,” posted Ti Gonzi.

Gonzi went on to post a clip of Holy claiming to be their father and asked, “Is Mark Ngwazi the father of sungura?’

There has been a debate in the sungura genre with some fans daring to compare Ngwazi with the genre’s powerhouse, Alick Macheso.

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