It’s Temba Mliswa versus Julius Malema


ZIMBABWEAN independent legislator Temba Mliswa has accused Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema of “making foolish populist statements” that do not resonate with Zimbabwe’s general citizenry.

The South African opposition leader was in Zimbabwe on Monday to pay condolences following the death of Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe.

Soon after meeting Mugabe’s widow, Grace, Malema told journalists that she is a “strong woman” who must protect her husband’s legacy against “opportunists”.

Mliswa did not take this lightly, tweeting: “The folly of making populist statements is: 1. They must appeal to the majority and 2. They mustn’t allow you to lose credibility from those whose popularity you seek.”

Malema could not be reached to comment.

Below is part of Malema’s address at the Blue Roof yesterday

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