Panic as cheetahs invade Beitbridge villages

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Thupeyo Muleya in Beitbridge

There was panic in the Goda area of Beitbridge on Tuesday after two cheetahs invaded villages, devouring livestock.

Villagers stopped all activities, scampered in different directions and locked their children indoors.

Nerves were only calmed when Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers arrived.

“We have done our investigations: these are cheetahs which have been killing goats and sheep in most villages in Beitbridge East,” said officer-in-charge of Beitbridge Mr Bonizi Manuwere while addressing the villagers.

He said back-up from Bubye Valley Conservancy was called to sedate the big cats.

However, the rangers managed to capture one while the other escaped.
Mr Manuwere said the two cheetahs had killed 13 goats and four sheep in Beitbridge East since New Year.