Zim Gvt extends payment of Covid-19 allowance

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe has extended payment of US$75 Covid-19 allowances to civil servants and US$30 to pensioners.

But beneficiaries have asked for an upward review of the allowances.

In a statement on Tuesday the Public Service Commission (PSC) said the payment of Covid-19 allowances will also be extended to contract workers in Government and aides of the visually impaired.

The allowance will be paid in local currency at the prevailing foreign currency auction rate.

“The duration of this extension will be guided by the state of the pandemic as well as budgetary capacity,” Ambassador Jonathan Wutaunashe, Secretary of the PSC said.

Health Apex Council leader Enock Dongo said, “It’s a welcome development and the money will help cushion workers given that we are still in the Covid-19 period where the pandemic has actually become worse.

“While we appreciate the gesture, we expect Government to review the allowance to about US $200.”

David Dzatsunga, Secretary of the Apex Council, an umbrella body for civil servant unions said, “We have not received any official communication, but we don’t expect that the facility will be discontinued.”